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Old Man Soul Club - “Alternative Music That’s Independently Built”. With a vintage songwriting style taking a soulful singer songwriter push on a new retro deeper cuts vibe, Old Man Soul club released debut LP “Count Your Blessings”, EP “Movin’ Around” and single “Together“ between mid 2018 and mid 2020.

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Old Man Soul Club release the album “Modern Jimmy” on 1st February 2021. 16 tracks combining New Retro, Vintage, British Psychedelia, Rock, Blues, Singer Songwriter, Field Recordings, Experimental, Electronic, Pop-Punk, Psychedelic Funk, Alternative and by no means least Soul to paint the soundscape of the album. 

“Two Into One” was the first single from “Modern Jimmy", released on December 11th 2020. "The Streets" is the second single from "Modern Jimmy" and was released on January 10th 2021.


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Jimmy’s Modern.

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